Used Italpresse 750 Metric Ton Horizontal Cold Chamber High Pressure Die Casting Machine

This video details the operation of a fully automatic Italpresse aluminum die casting machine. This machine, a fully automated Italpresse IP-750 SC with 750 tons of locking force is a high pressure die casting machine and is operating in the fully automatic mode. You will observe the aluminum holding furnace which keeps the aluminum at the correct temperature while it is waiting to be diecast. You will see the die close system in which the die closes and locks under full tonnage — in this case 750 tons. Once the die is closed and locked you will observe an automatic ladle transport the molten aluminum from the holding furnace to the cold chamber shot sleeve and then pour the liquid metal into the sleeve. Next the injection plunger shaft and piston moves forward and injects (pushes) the aluminum inside the shot sleeve into the die cavity. The time it takes for the aluminum in the die to solidify is called chill or freeze time. Once the metal has solidified the die opens. Next the hydraulic bumper plate ejection system will advance “knocking” the casting loose from the ejector side of the die, at the same time the Italpresse dedicated extractor grasps the casting and removes the casting from the die area. Note, after the extractor has removed the casting from the die area it holds the casting beside the machine for just a moment. This is to allow a series of photo-eyes to confirm that the entire casting has been removed from the die as it would severely damage the die if the casting was still in the die and the machine attempted to clamp again. The casting is placed on a parts cooling conveyor for down-stream processing. Simultaneously an automatic die sprayer moves into the die area from the top of the die casting machine and sprays both die cooling water and die release agent onto the die. Lastly dry compressed air is sprayed on the die to dry the surfaces. The die release agent helps to keep the aluminum from soldering (sticking) to the die during injection. Once the die spray is completed the machine closes again and the cycle starts over again.

Die Cast Machinery, LLC sells used die casting machines word wide including this Italpresse Model IP-750 SC 750 ton horizontal cold chamber aluminum high pressure die casting machine. Features on this machine include Italpresse SC shot control with Magnesium capability, fully automatic top operator side tie bar pulling system, automatic electric motorized die height adjustment system, inserted shot position (allows for multiple shot positions), Italpresse fully proportional hydraulics, Italpresse SC shot control using Siemens S-5 PLC controls, hydraulic bumper plate ejection system, automatic (pressurized oil) central lubrication system. This is our inventory number DCM-3102

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