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 Application: Suits for doors, curtain frames, floors, ladders, windows, etc;(Special design for floor)
 Sealing speed is up to 8meters per minute for fast and efficient production;
 Easy to use, programmable computer controlled memory that reduces down time due to product changes.
 Adjustable according to different sizes with simple operation.
 Seal-cut is completed continuously without operator, high level of automatic, wide use.
 The blade with Teflon treatment can endure high temperature without sticking;
 Sealing and cutting system with constant temperature makes the sealing straight, firm and beautiful;
 Banner photocell detects the product delivery accurately;
 The machine applies the most advanced Siemens PLC accompanied with touch screen guarantee the precise action;
 Waste film recycling system creates a clean and safe production atmosphere;
 Hot air circulating shrink tunnel uses stainless steel heating elements which could ensure long life span; the shrinking temperature and conveyor speed are adjustable;
 Conveyor unit of shrink tunnel has Teflon mesh type or rod-shaped chain type for your option;
 All the switches are Siemens;
 The machine suits for packing long products with unlimited length; high level of automation could be widely used in mass production;
 The finished products are neat, compact and suitable for storage and prolonged transport.

Model GH-3015L
Power 380V 50Hz 3phase
220V 60Hz 3phase
Length of cutter 500mm
Max. packing size L (No limited) x W300 x H150mm
Packing speed 35packs/min
Machine dimension L2090xW1560xH1320mm
Air source 5.5Kg/cm3

Sealing Part    
Item Name Brand Remarks
Photocell Banner From U.S.A
Solid Relay Kudom From U.K
Cylinder Festo From Germany
Solenoid Valve Festo From Germany
Reducing Motor GPG From Taiwan
Film Motor Bolong From Shanghai
PLC Siemens From Germany
Touch Screen Siemens From Germany
All Switches Siemens From Germany
Heating Elements Home-made From China
Cutter Home-made From China

Shrink Tunnel    
Item Name Brand Remarks
Solid Relay Kudom From U.K
Reducing Motor GPG From Taiwan
Recycling Motor Bolong From Shanghai
Temperature Controller Omron From Japan
Frequency Inverter Schneider From France
All Switches Siemens From Germany
Insulation Aluminum Silicate 5cm thickness
Intermediate Relay Siemens From Germany

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