How to Selecting the Right Conveyor Type for your products?


Product specification is hands down the most important item when selecting a conveyor. Let’s start with the basic product specifications:

1) Product Dimensions

You will need to determine the length, width, and height of the product.  These dimensions will determine conveyor specifications such as, conveyor width, roller centers, guide rail specifications, transfer needs

2) Product Weight

You will need to determine the weight of your product as well.  The weight of the product will determine many aspects of the conveyor selection.  For example if the you are using a plastic chain conveyor, the product weight will determine how many curves can be included in one conveyor.  If you are using roller conveyor, the product weight will help determine things such as roller diameter and roller guage requirements.  Product weight also has a great impact on the motor sizing for your conveyor.

3)Product Rate (Production Rate)

The production rate of the product is most commonly measured in parts per minute or parts per hour.  The product rate, along with the product length, will allow you to determining the appropriate conveyor speed so that your conveyor can meet the production rate.  For example if your product is a 12” long case, and the product rate is 30 cases per minute, then your conveyor would need to run at least 30 feet per minute to accommodate the product rate with no gap between cases.

4) Product Type

There are many different types of products, and each type conveys differently from the next. For example if your product is a wooden pallet, then a chain driven live roller conveyor may be the best selection.  However if the pallet is a plastic footed pallet, then a large plastic chain conveyor may be a better solution as the pallet feet may not convey well on roller conveyor.  Another example, if your product is a bag of cereal then a plastic chain conveyor will convey this product much better than a roller conveyor.

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