3 Reasons to implement a plastic chain conveyor system


The demand for plastic chain conveyor systems has been steadily increasing as companies realize the benefits they provide. Plastic chain conveyor is adapting to handle more and more products, but it is most popular in food packaging applications, personal care, and pharmaceutical products. So why should you use one? Here are the top three reasons why you should consider using a plastic chain conveyor system:

1. Small Products

Plastic chain conveyor can handle a wide spectrum of product sizes, however, one huge advantage is that it can handle extremely small products. If your company specializes in producing and/or distributing small goods such as Post-it Notes, bottles, small polybagged goods, boxed foods, medical products, nutraceuticals and makeup to name a few, then you should consider a plastic chain conveyor system. The plastic chain belt that is used as the conveying surface is very customizable and can be made in small widths to convey whatever product specifications are given.

2. Limited Space

Plastic chain conveyor has a much smaller footprint than traditional conveying products. It has the capability to make sharp turns, have incline/decline spirals with multiple lanes, and can have several curved and straight sections powered by a single drive due to the low friction coefficient of the plastic chain. This will reduce future operating costs compared to other conveyor models that utilize multiple drives. Another significant advantage to plastic chain conveyor when it comes to space utilization is that the system can be designed and customized to incorporate other ancillary equipment. This can create a more condensed work cell for employees, decreasing wasted time due to operator movement.

3. Special Applications

When it comes to needing complex applications, plastic chain conveyor is very flexible. Personally, I find it amazing how easy and adaptable it is to incorporate with each customer need. The plastic chain conveyor can move items vertically, more easily handle case turning applications than standard conveyor, has the option for food grade belts with wash down capabilities, and can use certain plastic belts capable of passing through UV ovens for curing processes if needed. Due to the customization aspect of plastic chain conveyor, the price for it can run higher than other conveyor options, but all the benefits it provides certainly outweigh the costs. We’ve only scratched the surface of what plastic chain conveyor can do. With the flexibility and modularity plastic chain conveyor systems provide, I foresee it increasing in popularity in the years to come

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